Your Fireplace Destination

When you come to Fireplace Creations we are going to take you from the beginning of the fireplace design process right through into your living room. At Fireplace Creations we don’t just want to give you a fireplace, we want to give you the dream, the perfect room.

Fireplace Creations is the most complete and experienced fireplace source in the Western Metro area. From the planning stage to the finishing touches we do what it takes to ensure your fireplace will be exactly what you envisioned, and more.family fire

Fireplace Creations has innovative fireplace solutions,we take your inspiration and our complete commitment to excellence to get you the perfect fire for your space.

We offer complete design (by our professional design consultants), installation and finishing services (with our own, professional crews), so whatever your project needs are, from start to finish we are happy to do as much (or as little) as you need us to do.

Come see the power of fire for yourself at our huge fireplace showroom. With the largest fireplace showroom in the West Metro Area with over 40 units on display we are confident we can find the right fireplace for your home or business.

We are located about 1 mile west of Maple Plain on the south side of Highway 12. Stop on by our showroom today and let us show you how we can bring a bit more romance and warmth to your home.